Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Crafts! Kids Crafts! Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Clothespins

Just when I think all the crafts that can be imagined have been posted I find a craft that I just am so impressed with and am excited to share with craftee crafters everywhere.

Keeping with the Halloween Crafts and Kids/Family Crafts theme (soon I'll be mega posting Christmas crafts!), this craft, made from clothespins and felt was created by Lime Riot. The actual tutorial for this project was shared by her at, a community where crafters can share their latest creations and also swap crafts. Pretty Kool!

This craft is one that children can get involved with and is also a great craft that families can do together. It doesn't have to be just Frankenstein, you can make pumpkins, ghosts, BOO, as with practically all's endless! You can use this craft like she does, pin around the house as decorations, put a magnet in back, a comment made on her craft was to use it as a closure on goodies bags...again, it's endless!

Here it is the link for the tutorial! Have Fun!

Thanks for looking! 
Thanks Lime Riot!!!
Happy Halloween!

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